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2016-08-30 Anti-botting Counter-measures
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Author:  nasomi [ Tue Aug 30, 2016 2:23 pm ]
Post subject:  2016-08-30 Anti-botting Counter-measures

For the past few weeks/months, since stability and most bug fixes have gone into place, I've shifted my focused on combating players who decide not to "play by the rules". This effort is to keep everyone on a level playing field, and to keep certain players from having unfair advantages in certain situations.

As some players have already discovered, certain actions now detect whether packets originate in the client itself, or were injected by an unauthorized add-on or third party program, even if the packet was formed perfectly. When these actions are detected, players will be automatically and instantly jailed.

This originated as a counter-measure for claim bots, but is expanding to curebots, craftbots, fishbots, etc. These have not been a problem thus far, but as we continue to grow, our anti-botting measures will ensure that players play fairly. Remember, all botting is strictly prohibited here.

Right now, the move to detect packet origin is not complete for all actions, but is being progressively rolled out and will eventually monitor every single packet type. There will be no additional warnings. Players caught now or any time in the future will suffer consequences of time in jail, loss of levels, loss of gil, or any combination of the three, across all characters associated with your ip per the ip logging system.

This touches on another point: Account sharing is against the rules. This is a passive rule, which means I will not pursue it unless given reason to do so. That being said, if player A suffers jail time due to rule breaking, and player A shares mule B with player C, player A and C will be linked by mule B. Therefor, characters A, B, and C will suffer the same consequences for player A's actions. If you choose to share a mule or character with another player, be aware you are accepting the risk if the other player decides to break the rules.

This is not a witch hunt. These actions are taken very carefully in an effort to keep players honest. Please play fairly and follow the rules.

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