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 Post subject: car wash equipment
PostPosted: Fri May 20, 2022 8:33 am 

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An LED light or LED light bulb is an electric light that produces light using light-emitting diodes (LEDs). LED lamps are significantly more energy-efficient than equivalent incandescent lamps and can be significantly more efficient than most fluorescent lamps. The most efficient commercially available LED lamps have efficiencies of 200 lumens per watt (Lm/W). Commercial LED lamps have a lifespan many times longer than incandescent lamps. LED light require an electronic LED driver circuit to operate from mains power lines, and losses from this circuit means that the efficiency of the lamp is lower than the efficiency of the LED chips it uses. The driver circuit may require special features to be compatible with lamp dimmers intended for use on incandescent lamps. Generally the current waveform contains some amount of distortion, depending on the luminaires' technology. LEDs come to full brightness immediately with no warm-up delay. Frequent switching on and off does not reduce life expectancy as with fluorescent lighting. Light output decreases gradually over the lifetime of the LED. Some LED lamps are drop-in replacements for incandescent or fluorescent lamps. LED lamps may use multiple LED packages for improved light dispersal, heat dissipation, and overall cost. The text on retail LED lamp packaging may show the light output in lumens, the power consumption in watts, the color temperature in Kelvin or a color description such as "warm white", "cool white" or "daylight", the operating temperature range, and sometimes the equivalent wattage of an incandescent lamp delivering the same output in lumens.

LED light is used for both general and special-purpose lighting. Where colored light is needed, LEDs that inherently emit light of a single color require no energy-absorbing filters. LED light is commonly available as drop-in replacements for either bulbs or fixtures, replacing either an entire fixture (such as LED light panels replacing fluorescent troffers or LED spotlight fixtures replacing similar halogen fixtures) or bulbs (such as LED tubes replacing fluorescent tubes inside troffers or LED HID replacement lamps replacing HID bulbs inside HID fixtures) The differences between replacing a fixture and replacing a bulb are that, when a fixture (like a troffer) is replaced with something like an LED panel, the panel must be replaced in its entirety if the LEDs or the driver it contains fail since it is impossible to replace them individually in a practical fashion (although the driver is often separate and so it may be replaced), where as, if only the bulb is replaced with an LED replacement lamp, the lamp can be replaced independently of the fixture should the lamp fail. Some LED replacement lamps require the fixture to be modified such as by electrically removing the fixture's ballast, thus connecting the LED light directly to the mains supply; others can work without any modifications to the fixture.

The garage flooring is a material used in the floor part of the garage structure. Among them, the anti-corrosion materials in the underground garage are more common, and the specifications and dimensions can be customized according to the actual application scenarios. For example, parking garage floor, also known as garage floor, parking lot floor, and underground parking garage floor, is a necessary functional and practical product for modern parking lot ground. The entire parking lot area is called DBC parking lot system: parking space floor, Driving passage floor, anti-vibration and anti-slip slope floor; at the same time, it forms a parking lot floor system with traffic signs, safety wall skirt signs, and anti-vibration and anti-slip slope floors at entrances and exits. In many cities in modern China, the construction of underground parking garage floors has become an inevitable product. The types of floors selected are: polyurethane non-slip floor, self-leveling cement floor (fire-proof grade A), concrete sealing and curing agent hardening floor and ring Oxygen floor, etc.; and for Flowcrete and DBC parking garage floors, whether they are newly built or renovated damaged floors, polyurethane floors can be constructed and used within 3 hours, which completely solves the rapid development of how to use quickly and once the floor is used. Broken without time to repair and other issues.

There are currently two types of automatic car wash equipment on the market: one is an automatic car washing equipment with brushes; the other is a non-contact automatic car washing equipment. Automatic car wash equipment can provide free customer activities and can provide self-service operation 24 hours a day. Using three drying fans, it has the characteristics of low noise and high air volume. Its large diameter wheel brush provides the best cleaning effect for each wheel hub. The side brushes are automatically positioned vertically for better cleaning of every part of the vehicle on each run, matching the shape of the vehicle on the second run. The rich foam can wash the entire vehicle and dirt, so that the vehicle surface is better cleaned. It is suitable for cleaning, waxing, air-drying, and wheel cleaning of box-type vehicles such as cars, jeeps, and small vans. The whole machine is made of international standard parts, and has undergone anti-rust treatment and surface spraying treatment, so as to meet the highest car washing needs of customers. The cleaning effect is excellent, so that no part of the body is missed.

Brush automatic car washing equipment: car washing damages the car paint, high maintenance costs and large investment; the car washing effect does not mean that the car is 100% too dirty, it needs to be washed manually before cleaning. However, for dirty cars entering the city, or for large companies to wash their cars for free, bus companies face such enterprises, and the brush car washing machine is very suitable. Non-contact automatic car washing equipment: fast car washing and good cleaning effect; it can be said that the non-contact car washing machine is an upgrade of manual car washing. But the non-contact car washing machine still has certain limitations: fully automatic can achieve a good cleaning effect, but the general reciprocating type with low investment, the effect is not very good.

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