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Vana'diel Time

2018 Halloween SPOOOOOKtacular!

We have one more trick up our sleeve! In Bastok Markets, Windurst Waters, and Northern San'doria, you will have the opportunity to get in costume and listen to a special super secret ghost's stories! Bonus if you do it in all 3 nations! This event will end at 8pm tomorrow night.

2018 Harvest Festival

Hello, gourd-geous! Howl are you? I know you're dying to have fun, so here it comes! We are pleased to announce the 2018 Har-har-harvest Festival! We've been creeping it real over here at the MFOC (Moogle Festival Organization Committee) and we have some super special spooky surprises in store! That'll give 'em pumpkin to talk about. Just visit your local Festive Moogle for your super scary costume, and get spooking! There's many prizes to be had, see if you can collect them all! Eat, drink, and be scary! -Magical Moogle Aaaaaaand there was some systematic changes to the underlying world. Many blue mage things have been adjusted/fixed Troubador macc adjusted Many SMN adjustments Tons of equipment that should affect pets now does Warrior Tomahawk merited ability is now functional Banish adjustments Complete claim system revamp which limits the number of red mobs you can have Various stability fixes

2018-10-22 White Coney

While we don't normally do this, some players have expressed concerns about the spawn conditions of white coney. Coney can spawn as early as the following game day at 12am following is death. Every game day he has an x in 300 chance to spawn that game day, where x is the number of game days since his last spawn. First game day? 1 in 300. 20th game day, 20 in 300. 200th game day, 200 in 300. If he decides he will spawn that hour, he will roll a 3600 sided die, and that is how many seconds he will respawn after that game day starts. Which means he can respawn any second between 12am the following game day and 12 days and 13 hours from 12am the game day after he dies, with increasing probability the longer he doesn't spawn. Also stay tuned for some very exciting Halloween Spectacular events coming as well as the Q&A as soon as this coming weekend, or possibly later depending on how busy it gets.

2018-10-10 Recent RMT activity

Yesterday, 58 characters and 82 million gil were removed as a result of a several week investigation into exploit, bot, and RMT activity. Please be aware all 3 of these activities are prohibited as per our rules section, and will result in a loss of character. [b:2su4dva3]All transactions are logged and reviewed as time permits.[/b:2su4dva3] As a result of this investigation, several things have been pushed back, including code development for new features, bug fixes, and the much anticipated Q&A. It is unfortunate, and the reason we have a zero tolerance policy. Players who play fair have again been made to wait because of the actions of those who decided to break the rules and seek unfair advantages over their fellow players. We here at Nasomi will remain vigilant regards to cheating in all forms. With this behind us, we can again start moving forward into further development of new and exciting things, so please look forward to upcoming events such as our Halloween Spooooooktacular!

2018-08-13 Bonanza Ball Winners & Q&A Details!

The following prizes have been awarded to the following players! Dagobah - 50/50 Njor - Rabbit Charm Doomsday - Track Pants +1 Chexmix - Mercurial Kris Elincia - Kraken Club I feel I must reinforce the player harassment rule. Harassment will not be tolerated. You will now find a new feature under the maintenance tab of the account page. There, you can submit your questions for the Q&A. You will have approximately one week to submit your questions. You can only submit one question, so use it wisely.

2018 Nasomi Census

On July 28th, 2018 we had our 5th anniversary! We'd like to take some time to release updated statistics about the server! In total, there have been 48,091 accounts created! Across all those accounts, there have been 60,478 characters! Of those characters... 20,212 are Hume. 10,845 are Elvaan. 13,886 are Tarutaru. 10,652 are Mithra. 4,910 are Galka. Not to mention... 36320 are Male, or 61%. 24185 are Female, or 38%. Plus... 30,081 have over 1 hour playtime 8,290 have over 100 hours playtime. 3,543 have over 500 hours playtime. 1,908 have over 1,000 hours playtime. 1,151 have over 1,500 hours playtime. 456 have over 3,000 hours of playtime. Top 5 players by playtime: Viktoriya 817 days 22:14:04 Tatheria 720 days 08:31:54 Consortium 625 days 19:32:30 Pepsi 574 days 06:43:25 Csut 562 days 00:17:13 Congratulations! Now go outside. There are 24,843 characters from San d'Oria. There are 20,301 characters from Bastok. There are 15,333 characters from Windurst. In total there is 4,966,984,398 gil in circulation! There are a total of 6,844 active characters that have played in the past 30 days. There are 3,618 linkshells. There are an average of 205,664 chat lines per day. Of those, 51,936 are /tell's, S-E-C-R-E-T!

2018 Anniversary & Adventurer Appreciation Event!

Greetings, Kupo! We here at the Adventurer Appreciation Committy (AAC) have put together some special treats to celebrate our FIVE (5) YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! We would like to sincerely thank each and every adventurer who has made this possible. Now, to the good stuff! ***Snow bunny or "that" bunny? Pt 2...*** Since the slaughter of millions thanks to Moogle Bob for releasing this monster upon us last time, we haven't let him really touch anything. And with good reason! You can read about it here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=817 Well, we figured Moogle Bob had learned his lesson. He's been itching to get back into the action, so we decided to let him feed the caged monsters we keep out of sight for the protection of Vana'diel. Well, wouldn't you know it, Moogle Bob has done it again. The very monster that Moogle Bob had let out the first time, and we managed to re-capture, has escaped again! This time he took some of our Giant Strength sauce with him, as well. So beware, if you value your life... ***Bull Bash!*** In ADDITION to Moogle Bob letting this fiendish monster escape, he managed to let 3 additional bull's escape as well! They aren't particularly dangerous, however are impervious to all forms of damage. For that reason, we have fashioned special katana's on sale from the Festive Moogles. Pick up one of the katana's and wack away. You'll find the bull's in South Gustaberg, East Sarutabaruta, and East Ronfarure, but only during the daylight hours. Everyone know's bulls are afraid of the dark. We've made it so anyone can attack them, however ONLY the killer and his companions will get credit. Once the deed is done, visit the festive moogle for your reward! ***Moogle Bonanza*** Ever dreamed of being a millionaire? Having tons of top cool prizes unavailable anywhere else? Then you're dream has come true! Available prizes include: 50/50 - You could win 50% of all procedes from the moogle bonanza! Rabbit Charm Track Pants +1 Mercurial Kris Kraken Club Tickets will cost 1000gil, and will be available for purchase from now until August 12th, 2018. Drawings will be held the following days, and the winners will be announced! Tickets will only be sold to Nasomi account holders and are non-transferable. ***LIVE ON-SCREEN Q&A*** Over the next 2 weeks there will be an option on the website to submit your questions. Only one question per account. Nasomi will appear via a live feed regarding future plans and will answer the top questions asked! Make sure you think it through, you only get one!

2018-07-16 Maintenance

The following has been adjusted: BLU AF NPC fixed BLU TP adjusted Certain crash scenarios fixed Flying Wyrm EVA adjusted Mob WS animation fixed Charm message fixed Chat/Iridal Charm added SMN rebuilt from the ground up • Avatar stats/traits/resistances • Avatar melee damage calculations • BP revamped • BP Skillchains added Synth bug fixed Autoclaim rewrite Atropos Orb KSNM's have been added

2018-07-03 Independence Day Celebration!

Thought we would get a head start on the celebration. Enjoy your rings* from now through midnight tomorrow! *Emperor and Empress only. No refunds. Buyer is responsible for any taxes/fee's. Not applicable where prohibited by law.

2018-06-07 Maintenance

The following was updated: Some BLU spells/abilities were revised Some NIN spells were revised The following was added: BLU AF quests Ability notifications for party members Other stuff: Packet handling system tuned/tweaked Various stability fixes

2018-05-20 Behemoth Dominion Stress Test

Behemoth's Dominion Testing is complete. Thanks to this test we've identified many key areas where performance could be improved, and have taken steps to improve it. Noticeable differences have been observed. The new code has been incorporated to Valkurm Dunes, and exp rings have been enabled world-wide until end of day 5/21 EST. The rest of the zones will receive the new code following the next maintenance.

2018-05-09 Maintenance

Today's maintenance fixed some packet prioritization bugs, minor stability issues, and some zone lag issues. Also crafting tiers were fixed, a bug with difficulty fixed, and a bug with losing certain items that shouldn't have been lost, and crafting furniture is now taken into effect.

2018-05-04 Database bug

This morning the server went down around 5am and again at 12pm EST. This was due to the new replication servers that mirror the database and the old log files not being cleared. The system should automatically clear all logs after 5 days, however that wasn't happening, so sql server's hdd's filled up. At 5am I assumed it was a one time thing and just bounced everything and went back to bed. However at 12pm I realized the real issue. This has been fixed going forward and should not happen again. However, in the off chance any server goes down, please everyone tweet me or fb message me that the server is down. These notifications go strait to my phone. I'm working on a system that will automatically do this, however you should never feel like you're sending to many messages when the servers are down for any reason until you see my acknowledgement that the servers are down. For reference, you can see the real time status of all servers here: ~Nasomi P.S. Version 20 of the installer is now available for download, fixing a bug in v19 that caused the game not to launch if you installed in anything other than the default directory.

2018-05-03 New Installer Version

Installing Nasomi just got easier. Introducing the totally revamped NasomiXI.v19 Installer! This installer will: - Install in 5-15 minutes on average - Download is down to 5.2gb from 7.3gb - Includes tweaks to improve stability - Can co-exist with a retail installation - Can migrate your legacy install automatically - Has been tested on win7/8/10 both x64 and x86 platforms - Torrent and ftp links are now live on the website ***Although it is not necessary, everyone is encouraged to download and install this version*** You can see a video of the installation process here:

2018-04-20 Maintenance

Today's maintenance includes... Wyrms with improper stats have been fixed. Adjustments to Absolute Virtue and Jailer of Temperence. Mob AI has been adjusted in certain scenario's. Norg has researched Monomi: Ichi for Ninja's. BCNM40's have been introduced. Various crash scenario's have been resolved. Worms have lost their track shoes. As we all know, a worm refuses to run without it's track shoe. For TODAY only! Four-leaf mandragora buds have special consumption stats!

2018-04-15 A letter from Nasomi

Greetings, players! I am Nasomi, and this is my server. It's not only my server, though. It's the server that, as of the writing of this letter, is the server of over 2600 active and dedicated players. We reached a new milestone this past weekend, over 800 consecutive players online. Over 7,500 auction house transactions totaling over 56 million gil and 100k monsters slain in a 24 hour period. When I started this project 4 years and 9 months ago, I couldn't have imagined we'd reach this level. This project launched on July 28th, 2013 as a result of heavy nostalgia. I wanted to play a game that was challenging, required group play, and had longevity. Something I could play and enjoy with others that wasn't so fast paced, something I had to work towards for weeks, months, or even years. Flashy graphics wasn't so much as important as a world which had well thought out groundwork, extensive back stories, involved quests, characters that were memorable. Hack and slash your way to level cap and grind for endgame for gear wasn't for me, and at the time, there wasn't any other options. So I set out and got to work in an attempt to create those former glory days of when the game was most important to me. The beginning was a bit rocky. I was pretty new to this sort of thing, but I was determined. Over the years I've honed my skills as a developer and admin. I've learned an unimaginable amount in the time I've spent working on this project. There have been countless monumental changes over the years as a result. And, at times, I've had to make some really hard decisions. Some may not have been popular, either. Countless players have attacked my character and integrety, as well as me personally. It's very discouraging sometimes, and even leaving me second guessing myself on occasion. However, days like today, seeing so many people having fun and working together, I know that the decisions I've made have ultimately contributed to our success, and makes it all worth while. On occasion tensions will run high, Vana'diel is at times very competitive. During these times please remember that you are not only representing yourself and your linkshell, but the entire Nasomi server. We ask that you conduct yourself in a civilized matter at all times. And remember, cheating is strictly prohibited on Nasomi. The rules exist to create equal opportunity among all players, based on the amount of effort you're willing to put in. Please play fair. While it's not possible to do so in person, I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to the Nasomi Server. As we welcome all the new players, I encourage the more senior players to make an effort to make them feel welcome. After all, we're all in this together. Thank you, and good luck on your adventure! ~Nasomi P.S. Stay tuned for new and exciting content!

2018-04-13 Maintenance

Today's maintenance details: New database cluster is 2000% faster than the old one Magic evasion has been adjusted Elemental damage has been adjusted SA/TA has been adjusted Bard recast for some merits/gear has been adjusted Notorious monsters had an error which has been fixed, allowing further development of BCNM40's Some BCNM mobs have been adjusted The drop rate for Bounding Boots has been adjusted

2018 Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza!

Greetings, kupo! Our Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza is finally under way! In the past, we feel like we've phoned it in. Talk to a festive moogle, get a letter egg every day. Boooooooooooring! We're looking to spice things up this year, so get ready. We've hidden hundreds of letter eggs through-out the event zones. You'll need to visit North Gustaberg, West Sarutabaruta, and East Ronfaure to seek out the hidden letter eggs. Letter eggs will be replenished periodically, so if you see a spot that might have had an egg in it, check back in a little while! Once you've collected your eggs, the Festive Moogles are located in Port Bastok, Windurst Walls, and Port San'dOria and will take your eggs. When you turn your eggs in, you'll be rewarded with any one of twenty top prizes, maybe even a chocobo suit! You'll need some special combinations of the eggs, though, not just a random bunch of eggs. The combinations we're looking for are as follows: • First 3 - The first 3 letters of your name • Strait 8 - Any 8 consecutive letters • 7 of a kind - Any 7 eggs with the same letter So get out there and gather your eggs! Early bird gets the wyrm!

2018-03-28 Maintenance

This mini-maintenance is to fix some bugs, big maintenance tomorrow! Party/alliance list should update properly and instantly.

2018-03-11 Nasomi Accounts

Introducing Nasomi Accounts! Next to the tarutaru riding the chocobo talking to the goblin and mandy, there is an Account tab! If you don't have a game account already, this is where you can sign up. Sign into your game account to see your personal stats, jobs, crafts, inventory, even auction house listings! Maintenance tab can get you unstuck, change your race, or link your forum account. Linking Forum Account: • You can link up to two main accounts and one mule account to your forum account • New accounts created must be through the website and registered as main or mule accounts • Mule accounts will be limited to level 10 systematically • Eventually, game accounts that are not linked to forum accounts will be disabled until they are linked As of the v18 installer, selecting option 2 will automatically take you to account creation on the site. During the install process, as of v18, it will take you to the following page: This will allow you to set up your accounts. This increases security and account recovery. Ultimately, we are working towards a single sign-on system where all accounts can be accessed via one username and password. In-game changes: The action house will no longer display items with no sales history.