NA/JPLobby is: Up
Online: 600
Sync Range: 15
Vana'diel Time

Nazgul2.6k >>> 15
AnnemarieI'm not wearing a shirt
Ahriman/tell for help
LouiscoolYes, I am cool.
JoleenaI have all avatars.
KnoxRDM 65 PLD75 BLM 65
AchiswedenLooking for Dyna Burn or PT
SniperdiaperLooking for Dyna Burn or PT
DrspaceWith PL
EmmyRDM59, 5ktnl, 60 CAP:O ToA: O Sky/Sea: X - Can PT until 5PM EST
LandoWith 75COR. Not interested in level sync
MasternamelessAFK 3mins need coffee
Thedonaldinvite me damnit im rich bitch
AzloPackage: Azlo and Myaage(12RDM/6WHM) both well geared.
Ultimacloudparty yes please have Fenny!
Scarcethf/war seeking xp
Opiehave 33 drk partner Opia
Stirkanew to nas not new to ffxi :D
MyaageCan make DMG/Debuff. best gear'd whm youll find.
Celessif im afk n seekin prob havin a smoke i'll brb
Trivitus14 blm or 18 whm
MeilanMerit points 75COR or 75SAM
WhmblmAny Party exp Thank you.
Fhuri75 drk, thf meritpo
Fudilfp, kill all the stuff
Chronic54 Whm , 57 Blm , 47 Rdm LFXP
PurityHave PL
FuriouscartmanHave op's
AveenaMy favorite color is Blue
Sparow/nin /war /thf
RexerLvl sync ok Sam/nin /war
CathatwopaAlt. All white box/rare/etc gear. Sometimes have a PL available
Yviepaired with DRK 63
Headlinei come with a PL
Minimusdecimuswhere the xp at? OP Warps O
DarkakumaMay Have PL....
ReckaParty long time!
Popsiclestick8-1 COP
HatokoCoP 6-2
BsaintRdm 22 with /whm or /blm, astral ringx2 Love to main heal, maxed healing magic Also 18 Blm, 38 whm LFG
Aerodonties64 Summoner looking for group
Dadatarui want to try meripos
SeedI bring PL.
TetsuxiToAU & All OP Warps
KulganI bring PL.
KashishLet's Get It
JethawkGot Dunes OP
NilocHave PL
DemmoLFG 43BLM, 52RDM, 12NIN
HyhileeThief 49 Please invite me
XenofireWAR and RDM75 LFP Merit! BLM75 LFP EXP
Auroraluciahave /war forgot to change, will change
BancfgWith main 75RDM PL
Nastrax Mining party ' -')/
PinkywinkyHelp a poor taru get 65 ; ;
Cosigncody75WAR 75 BLM
OkamigirlCome with COR or BRD
Cosign72THF +COR or PL
SakamotoIn static with a NIN
Ninjacack75 blm, 75 brd... thf is most important
EasykillI'm Level 36 in a 30 Capped Zone
AineHave PL
PiafaeHave PL
IzacCoP 4-2 The Savage LFG
ShupoMe, Captainhowdy, and Mikosa are together.
PanickoalaLizzy come to papa..
Grussymelee WHM + 75 BLM PL
Mustyhave PL
BeansbyakooAxe war
DutchessvandrlnPL w/ me :)
Dogum 74 thf or 73 rng
NotmeW/ 66sam combo dualbox
SodapopinskiiPunch!! /mnk onry rawwr!!!
AthenssCity Dynamis 75 WHM please invite! e
LudwickKRT/ Old Areas. Plz invite me :)
Baldaufmerits: max H2H, max crit, 2 counter
OdstLimit break 50
FuriamortalGood gear. DEX +19
Natakaexp pt.....
Mcstabbinslooking for dunes party

Ahriman/tell for help
LouiscoolI love mbout!
ZelminarPreferred: 61 BLM Next: 43 THF // 40 RDM Next: 21 NIN/WAR
Meilanpl whm 75
Atreyusset with Asrafil BRD54
DarkakumaMay Have PL....
Jearheal RDM60 PowerLevel
NilocHave PL
HyhileeMonk 62 LFG Subs: war/sam/nin/thf
IzacCoP 4-2 The Savage LFG
JugramLooking to join social LS. Thanks!
OdstLimit break 50

Ahriman/tell for help
SkyriderThree Paths
GugLooking for group for LB1 items.
WhmblmBurn Party any Please invite me
PopsiclestickCOP 6-4 looking for pt; JP prime time or weekends
HatokoCoP PM 4-2 The Savage LFP Can join with Main Popsiclestick
TetsukaiCoP 2-5 | THF/RDM
CosignCoP 4-3 ZM5+
IzacCoP 4-2 The Savage LFG
GrussyFarming LB1 items! Hit me up if you aretoo!
MustyOP: Tu'Lia HomePoint: Quf'im
Jugram. test
Ludwick57 WAR 53 THF. KRT plz invite
Odstmission 5-1 fei yin

Ahriman/tell for help
MeilanPL whm75
WhmblmBurn Party any Please invite me
TetsukaiCoP 2-3 plz. RDM/THF/NIN
IzacCoP 4-2 The Savage LFG

AhrimanGhorn yayyyy
CosigncodyDyna Valk win please help me out
IzacCoP 4-2 The Savage LFG
AthenssCoP 3-5 WHM-75 , BLM-72 Manaburn

Ahriman/tell for help
KingkushI can PL with SMN 65
TarusqueeLFG: CoP 5-3 Three Paths // ZM4+ // Windurst 6-1 // BRD75 // WHM74
IzacCoP 4-2 The Savage LFG

Ahriman/tell for help
FudiNew and Looking for pity.
JethawkHi! I quit this game back in 2004 and want to get back into things with a new linkshell for semi casual exp/missions:)
Athenss Interested in Dyna/NM Linkshell
Baldauf75mnk, 37war, 37nin, 31thf, 16bst, LFP

Ahriman/tell for help
Maseki***** HyperNova Endgame LS ***** ****Dynamis/Sky/Sea/KS99/ZNM**** LF Team oriented people who
FudiNew and Looking for pity.
TarusqueeLFG: CoP 5-1 Promy-Vahzl // ZM4+ // Windurst 6-1 // BRD75 // WHM71
CosignEGLS 7EST events Sea/Sky/Limbus Dyna WHM DDs BRD BLM PM me
Baldauf75mnk, 37war, 37nin, 31thf, 16bst, LFP

Ahriman/tell for help
LouiscoolMake me an offer!
IridiumWTS Peacock charm 2.5m

Ahriman/tell for help
BonehunterWTB all elemental ore
AthenssShrimp Lantern Light Grip Errant Cape
LudwickFederation Akeaton / Windy 150k Rampager Axe PLEASE invite me!

Looking for "friends":
Players Seeking Players
Ahriman/tell for help
Lilcratisi'm so lonely

Ahriman/tell for help
FmtwoNo parties. Thanks anyway.
Lilcratisno i didn't die...
Gughello world!
Popsiclestick/tell hatoko
Lancetarnalso have 55 Nin willing to do either
Jugram. test