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PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 2:44 am 

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If you're reading this, you probably know who we are. If not, we're Rich Fat Kids, and we've got a long history of being a dominating force in whatever content we're focusing on, from OWNMs back in the day to HNMs for more than a year. We've killed all the content that Nasomi has to offer, including all the HQ Kings, Wyrms, ToAU Kings, and Absolute Virtue.

We've got limited recruitment open at this time, but if you meet the following criteria, we'd love to get your application:

  • Play during APAC/EU Prime Time (~2AM EST to ~4PM EST)
  • Have some combination of useful jobs: BLM / SMN / BLU / COR / BRD / PLD / WHM / RDM (pref. able to tank as well)
    - They don't need to be geared with HNM stuff, but they should be properly merited, and have reasonable gear - proper AH stuff, sky, dyna, etc.
  • Dual boxing preferred, but not strictly required.
  • Access to both Sky and Sea
  • Will listen to constructive criticism. We have a lot of people with a lot of knowledge about game mechanics/theorycraft/etc. Be willing to listen to them.

Exceptions can be made for exceptional people, so if you think you have a strong case as to why we should pick you up without meeting the above requirements, let us know.

About us
We're a fairly laid back linkshell in most ways - real life always comes first, and we certainly understand that. Once you're in RFK, we try to treat you like family. Many of us have been playing together for 2+ years, but we actively try to avoid clique-like behavior, and do our best to make everyone at home as soon as we can.

We expect people to be adults, and behave as such - if you have a problem, don't be passive aggressive about it, work with the person to solve it, or work with an officer.

Our primary focus is on ground kings, ToAU kings (mostly Cerb), CoP wyrms, and AV. We have a scheduled sea farm every Friday, and generally do some sort of event on Saturdays, generally Dyna Tav or Xarc. People use Discord to schedule all sorts of other events as well, form dyna burn groups, etc.

We encourage people to be on voice on Discord if they're around and able - we generally have 5+ people online at most times, and during events that frequently reaches 20+

Outside of HNMs, we have people that are very active in doing money NMs, OWNMs, etc.

We use a Loot Council method. Every single piece of big loot is discussed between officers (generally before a fight or during the fight itself, lul), and we base our decision on the input from everyone. We look at attendance, performance, overall gain for the LS, loot history, effort, RL situation, etc. when deciding loot. Of course, we make mistakes sometimes, but our motto as officers is to right our wrongs. If you feel a decision wasn't fair, speak up and we will consider it. We're not shy to admit our mistakes, and we have measures we put in place to make it up to you.

Loot as of our last rollup back in December:
Ridill: 42
Ebody: 22
Abody: 44
Mbody: 32
Dring: 1
Nlegs: 24
N.Sash: 9
Aureole: 18
Gaiters: 27
Criers: 5
Track Pants +1: 3
Manteels: 19

As you can see, we're pretty successful! We want to continue our good streak in the endgame scene. Become a RichFatKid!


If you have any questions, please reach out to any of the following people in game:

Contact in-game or via PM here: Cthalupa/Cathatwopa, Xenofire/Pinkywinky, Kashish/Spacie, Truemythx/Jmac, Arryn/Demmo, Aioko/Tahi

PhD Shitposting 2037 | Cthalupa 75 BLM BRD RNG RDM WAR | Cathatwopa 75 NIN THF BLU BRD PLD


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