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PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 2:20 am 

Joined: Sun Jun 21, 2020 11:06 pm
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I selected to warp my character to an outpost a moment ago. I chose the teleport service in bastok mines and was attempting to go to Kolshushu (sp.) region. Instead of porting me to the region, it warped me to a place that looked exactly like a mog house without a moogle. At one point a goblin ambusher ran right through the walls and I saw a mandragora as well. I could not run through the walls myself, I was stuck. I tried to exit through the mog house door and it warped me right back in. I didn't have a warp to get out, so I logged out in game by selecting log out.

When I input my account info, I tried to log in and only had the option to create character. Select character is grayed out. I checked my account info here to verify and yes, my character is just gone. My little lvl 1 alt I made today that kept getting a 3101 error upon log in is there, but my main has vanished.

Perhaps there is a server backup somewhere that can restore my character? His name is TaokaKapone and he was a lvl 24 war, 14 whm. I put in a few weeks of work on him, lvl 6 fame and chocobo and all that so I am sort of teetering on a bit of a meltdown here. Please help.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 3:17 am 

Joined: Sun Jun 21, 2020 11:06 pm
Posts: 6
It appears from reading further on the boards, I may have discovered what has occurred. I think I am a victim of deleting an alt and the client deciding to mess up and delete my main instead.

Here is what happened, in detail. I really hope this can be fixed.

I created an alt today for the first time and got the 3101 error that everyone has been talking about today in the MB. One of my attempts to resolve the error (since my main was logged in and working fine) was to attempt a delete and remake the alt character (oh man was that a mistake). I first thought that perhaps the 3101 error was due to some kind of corruption during the alt's character creation or something. If I deleted it and remade it maybe it would work.

So, I went through the normal recommended process and I deleted the alt (oh trust me, I ONLY deleted the alt, and it definitely was the alt). I changed the name of the new alt to something different on the remake, and then tried to log in with the main and the alt. I still got the 3101 error on the new alt, and my main still worked fine. The main was still there at this point, and so was the new alt. I checked the accounts tab here and everything. Then, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to dualbox like the cool kids, and logged out of the second client (the one with the alt that was giving me the error). Perhaps the 3101 issue will get fixed and I can play on two in a few days.

So... I decided I'd keep trudging on a bit and farm some crawlers. I was still logged in on my main, so I went to OP warp. It was then that I ended up in the inescapable moghouse, and my main was then wiped upon logging out.

The odd thing is that when I look at the alt now in my accounts, it now shows the name of the ORIGINAL alt I made, not the new one. The original one was the one I deleted. It should be gone. The new alt I made isn't even appearing now. I am reading on here that when this 3101 error was occurring (back in 2018 I think) people have deleted their alt or mule and it deletes their main instead. Oh man, I really hope that didn't just happen to me. Is this really a thing? Had I known that I would have never tried to mess with an alt. I know for sure I deleted my alt, I definitely did not knowingly delete my main.

I read in the boards that you are supposed to PM Nasomi directly in NasChat, but while I can get flash to work, I cannot seem to type anything. SO... it appears I'm out of luck. I really wanted to continue this adventure; I was having a great time. I feel like I just burned a few weeks... and I'm thinking that I'm probably not going to get help, judging from some of the other posts I've read. =(

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