NA/JPLobby is: Up
Sync Range: 40
Vana'diel Time

2022-11-04 Maintenance

In this maintenance... A situation where player magic accuracy would be higher than intended after the zone had experienced certain conditions has been corrected Mob pathfinding has been overhauled and highly optimized The AF memory reset NPC is now functional for all jobs rather than just Warrior.

2022-10-29 Maintenance

In this maintenance... The AF memory reset NPC has been implemented. All AF pieces must have been obtained before memory reset is possible. The craftable pieces of cor AF have been added. If the player has selected a piece to persue from the starting NPC previously, that selection will be remembered. Several AF quest lines have been refined and minor era-accurate changes have been applied. A monk counter will now have the correct text pertaining to it displayed HP scaling of lower level NMs has been corrected An issue where positive MDB would negate all spike damage has been corrected An issue where high level monk mobs would attack at a rapid pace has been corrected Mobs will now path directly to players rather than a random point around them In the event several mobs are attacking the same target they will now space themselves out appropriately Mobs will now pursue their targets more directly

2022-09-16 Maintenance

In this maintenance... Each area comprising sea has new navmeshes An error true sight has been corrected The message corresponding to the ability "Devotion" has been corrected The recast of Chivalry and its merit effects have been corrected An issue with spike damage has been fixed An issue where crafting furniture bug has been fixed The synthesis recipe for Foulard has been added Several meva bugs have been corrected The spell "stun" has been fixed A hard cap has been placed on the effect of Battlefield and Carnage Elegy Enspells and weapons with additional effects now interact properly Corrected an issue with bahamut's magic attack Corrected a typo in breakga Fixed the bcnm exit conditions for Bahamut Version Two and Ouryu and various fixes Mob attributes are now more accurate on a number of mobs. Errors related to the spawning of Fafnir, Nidhogg, Behemoth, King Behemoth, Adamantoise, and Aspidochelone have been corrected Hostile Herbivores, Let Sleeping Dogs Die, Crustacean Conundrum, Factory Rejects, Shots in the Dark, The Final Bout have had slightly altered loot pools. ZNM's soon™

2022-05-03 Maintenance

In this maintenance... Fixed a few crash scenarios Tuned Bahamut v2 slightly.

2022-04-27 Maintenance

In this maintenance... All COP wyrms have been re-tuned to the new accurate underlying systems. Refined the calculation for monster attack damage. Several small magic evasion errors have been corrected. Fixed a bug where declining a raise was not being properly interpreted by the server Fixed some situtations where hate was not being lowered correctly Fixed a bug with jailer weapons. Fixed an issue where certain mobs would spam draw-in Fixed an issue where draw in could relocate a player off the map. An issue with the TOD preservation system has been identified and fixed on Tiamat and Jormungand and Vrtra The Bahamut Version 2 fight is released

2022-04-04 Maintenance

In this maintenance... Elemental Seal fixed Some NM's have had their EVA adjusted The level correction portion of monster magic evasion has been adjusted A case where enspells could glitch has been fixed

2022-03-18 Maintenance

In this maintenance... - Other than sea, promyvion and some notorious monsters, meva has been completely rewritten. Mobs will be weaker against elements they are weak towards and stronger against elements they are strong to. - The function of elemental seal has been corrected. - The magic accuracy contribution of Magic Burst has been corrected. - Spikes have been rewritten from the ground up. Dread spikes duration has been lowered to a retail correct duration. - Enspells have been rewritten from the ground up. - DoT's EXP has been fixed - Mob traits have been fixed

2022 Superbowl! Los Angeles Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals

Betting is now open for the Superbowl LVI between the Rams and Bengals No spread, win/lose, talk to Marshal or Afdeen in Upper Jeuno to make a wager. Your total bet will be a percentage of the total for that team. That is the percentage that you can win if your team wins of the other teams total bets, less 10% handling fee. Example 1: You bet 10,000 gil on Rams . Rams total bets total 500,000 gil. Bengal stotal bets totals 800,000 gil. Rams win. Your bet was 2% of the total, which means you are eligible for 2% of the Bengals total bets of 800,000 gil, 16,000 gil, less 10% handling fee, plus your original 10,000 gil bet, totaling 24,400 gil. Congratulations! Example 2: You bet 10,000 gil on Rams . Rams total bets total 500,000 gil. Bengals total bets totals 800,000 gil. Rams lose. You get nothing and are sad. There will be periodic announcements regarding how much gil has been bet on each side. All betting will close prior to the coin toss. Winnings will be eligible for pickup roughly one hour after the game is over, and will be eligible to be picked up until February 15th, 2020 at midnight EST. There will NOT be any exceptions. If you cannot pick up your winnings, do not wager. Good luck, and happy betting!

2022-02-07 Maintenance

Fixed an issue with bards Fixed a crash scenario

2022-02-04 Maintenance

An update has been applied to magic evasion. A fix has been deployed to Sarameya.

2021 Starlight Celebration

Greetings, kupo! It is I, Magical Moogle, wishing you the happiest of holidays! We will be beginning our Starlight Celebration right now! Unfortunately the festive moogles have been so busy putting up decorations, they haven't had time to hand out their starlight cards. As a result, they would be very appreciative of you, the adventurer, passing the cards out for the festive moogles. You can find a festive moogle in Port Bastok, Windurst Walls, Port San'doria, and even Jueno! Once you've finished handing out cards, check back with your Festive Moogle for something special! Best wishes!

2021 Harvest Festival

Hello, gourd-geous! Howl are you? I know you're dying to have fun, so here it comes! We are pleased to announce the 2021 Har-har-harvest Festival! We at the MFOC (Moogle Festival Organization Committee) have completely redesigned our harvest festival, so things should run much smoother! With all new must have rewards, it'll sure to be a hoot! Eat, drink, and be scary! -Magical Moogle

2021-09-09 Maintenance Chain #41

In this maintenance... Fixed an issue with Kirin An issue where Bitso's bind resist was wrong has been corrected Accuracy down effect had an issue which is now resolved

2021-09-08 Maintenance Chain #40

In this maintenance... An issue with Nosferatu's summons has been corrected An issue with Khromasoul Burborlor's summons has been corrected Fixed an issue with the Ouryu Commeth exit portal Fixed dyna registration which broke portals. fixed portals which made time move twice as fast. Fixed time, so I think we're good.

2021-09-07 Maintenance Chain #39

In this maintenance... Fix for dyna registration, hopefully. Small Sarameya adjustment Fixed Pirates Chart mobs Fixed some NM levels

2021-09-06 Maintenance Chain #38

In this maintenance... Fixed Pirate Chart fight harder Fixed an issue with Achamoth's summons A fix for dyna registration is pending but isn't quite ready yet

2021-09-05 Maintenance Chain #37

In this maintenance... Fixed Cloud Evoker Fixed Eye of the Storm Loot Few tweaks to Pirate Chart fight where not all players would be able to engage

2021-09-04 Maintenance Chain #36

In this maintenance... Added Pirate's Chart Quest

2021-09-03 Maintenance Chain #35

In this maintenance Tzee Xicu the Manifest has been overhauled and will preserve TOD through zone crashes

2021-09-02 Maintenance Chain #34

In this maintenance Overlord Bakgodek has been overhauled and will preserve TOD through zone crashes