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2020 Harvest Festival

Hello, gourd-geous! Howl are you? I know you're dying to have fun, so here it comes! We are pleased to announce the 2020 Har-har-harvest Festival! We've been creeping it real over here at the MFOC (Moogle Festival Organization Committee) and we have some super special spooky surprises in store! That'll give 'em pumpkin to talk about. Just visit your local Festive Moogle for your super scary costume, and get spooking! There's many prizes to be had, see if you can collect them all! Eat, drink, and be scary! -Magical Moogle

2020-08-29 A month and a day...

We're exactly one month and one day late for our anniversary. And we're so very sorry. I know you think we forgot, but that's absolutely not the case. We've just been super busy getting framework in place for up and coming expanded content. HAPPY 7TH ANNIVERSARY! It's amazing we've been here so long, and we're planning on another 7 years, so please look forward to it. We're glad to be bringing back our BULL BASH event, with all new prizes, so please enjoy the event as long as it's available. See your festive moogles in Port Bastok, Windurst Walls, and Port San'doria for more information. Some information about our 7 year census! Of those characters... 20186 are Hume. 10956 are Elvaan. 15804 are Tarutaru. 12472 are Mithra. 5328 are Galka. Not to mention... 38150 are Male, or 61%. 26596 are Female, or 38%. Plus... 51250 have over 1 hour playtime 17089 have over 100 hours playtime. 8900 have over 500 hours playtime. 5751 have over 1,000 hours playtime. 4118 have over 1,500 hours playtime. 2007 have over 3,000 hours of playtime. 171 have over 10,000 hours of playtime. Top 10 players by playtime: Aeric: 1103 Days, 16:18:1 Csut: 1019 Days, 5:13:23 Viktoriya: 1004 Days, 16:3:18 Tatheria: 967 Days, 10:42:53 Aeroo: 936 Days, 1:27:10 Deft: 928 Days, 13:4:45 Avesta: 922 Days, 18:10:19 Oigres: 908 Days, 21:32:40 Conscious: 886 Days, 14:5:26 Chess: 863 Days, 21:21:38 Maseki: 807 Days, 16:22:53 Congratulations! Now go outside. There are 27397 characters from San d'Oria. There are 21997 characters from Bastok. There are 15456 characters from Windurst. In total there is 13,805,571,182 gil in circulation! There are a total of 8,286 active characters that have played in the past 30 days. 3 characters were banned as a result of this census research!

2020 4th of July Celebration

The USA turns 244 years old on July 4th, 2020, and what a crazy 244 years it's been. While 2020 has been a bit of a strange year so far with so much going on, rest assured that Nasomi will be here for you. If you're stressed, overworked, underworked, or unemployed, Nasomi will be here. Stay in, stay safe, if you have to go out, wear a mask/gloves, avoid social situations. It's not good out there, what better reason to stay in and play some FFXI. To encourage this, we're turning on exp rings until Sunday, July 5th, at midnight. Go out and get your exp on!

2020-05-23 Maintenance

In today's maintenance: Mining revamp has been implemented. The following weapons have been implemented: Gust Claymore / Gust Claymore +1 Gust Sword / Gust Sword +1 Gust Tongue / Gust Tongue +1 Keppu / Keppu +1 Kyofu / Kyofu +1 Reppu / Reppu +1 Spark Baselard / Spark Baselard +1 Spark Bilbo / Spark Bilbo +1 Spark Dagger / Spark Dagger +1 Spark Degen / Spark Degen +1 Spark Fork / Spark Fork +1 Spark Kris / Spark Kris +1 Spark Rapier / Spark Rapier +1 Spark Spear / Spark Spear +1 Spark Lance / Spark Lance +1 Hydro Axe / Hydro Axe +1 Hydro Baghnakhs / Hydro Baghnakhs +1 Hydro Chopper / Hydro Chopper +1 Hydro Claws / Hydro Claws +1 Hydro Cutter / Hydro Cutter +1 Hydro Patas / Hydro Patas +1 Various other tweaks to to combat/weaponskills/aoe's have been fixed.

Re: 2020-05-04 Maintenance

Tier 1 Zenni Notorious Monster pop items can now be obtained from Sanraku in Aht Urhgan Whitegate! There are 9 pop items for sale, who have a chance of dropping either a trophy item for which you must obtain 3 of for each path to pop each Tier 2 ZNM's, coming Soon™ The Zenni Notorious Monster's available are as follows: From the Mamool Ja Path! ⦾ Vulpangue ⦾ Chamrosh ⦾ Cheese Hoarder Gigiroon From the Troll Path! ⦾ Brass Borer ⦾ Claret ⦾ Ob From the Lamia Path! ⦾ Velionis ⦾ Chigre ⦾ Lil' Apkallu So get out there and show them who's boss, if you have what it takes. Remember, you'll need multiple sets to pop each of the tier 2's so get them while you can!

2020-05-04 Maintenance

In this maintenance... Monster ranged attack fixes Ranged attack adjustments Melee Adjustments Relic Damage Proc rate adjustments Quickdraw adjustments Charm mechanic fixes Phantom roll adjustments Random deal implementation More attachments SMN tweaks Misc PUP AF and BLU fixes Blockaid T1 ZNM's(1 day delay) Claimshield Improved pathing for mobs Crash scenario's corrected Fix in exp table Some mobs fixed that had to much hp Mother Globe fixes There's a couple bugs at this point because so many things happened and it's been months and months in the works. We'll address them with mini-maintenance's as they're fixed.

2020 Egg Hunt Eggstravaganza!

Gr-r-r-eetings, kupo! It is I, Magical Moogle Henry, and this year I have been put in charge of our Eggstravaganza by the MEC(Moogle Event Committee)! As a result, much effort has been put into hiding eggs throughout Vana'diel. The eggs have been hidden in North Gustaberg, West Sarutabaruta, and East Ronfaure. Each egg has a special letter inscribed on it. Collect eggs with certain combinations and turn them in to your Festive Moogles located in Port Bastok, Windurst Walls, and Port San'dOria for eggcelent rewards! The combinations are as follows: • First 3 - The first 3 letters of your name • Strait 8 - Any 8 consecutive letters • 7 of a kind - Any 7 eggs with the same letter So get out there and get your egg on, or you'll end up with yolk on your face!

2020-03-20 Coronavirus Update

Hello all. I hope you are well. Stay safe, practice social distancing, and be healthy, try not to lick your mailman. I have been getting an increasing number of requests for people that forgot their password, login, character information etc. I am doing my best to assist these people, along with the many other people who have various issues. Please be patient, I am working hard to get to all of your issues. On average I get 20-30 NEW messages a day. Some take 10 minutes, some take 2 hours. If you do the math, that means virtually all of my time is consumed by that alone. So please, if you think your issue may be resolved without my assistance, hop into naschat and ask your question directly in chat. An answer may not come immediately, so please hang around for a bit or check back. If you want to know how you can help, join naschat, keep it on a separate monitor or in the background. Try and answer newcomer questions or direct them to who may be able to. People come in at all hours looking for help, it would be fantastic if someone was there to help them out. If you need my assistance, the only way is naschat, via private message, double clicking my name or /msg nasomi. But please, only do this as a last recourse after you try and find a solution yourself first. We are a community of 10,000 players, I do my best but it can be days or potentially weeks for a response. Issues are handled on a first come, first serve. If you are not present when I message you, your window will not be closed so if you come back you will retain your spot in line. If you close your window, it stays open my end. So try and stop by periodically if you can't leave the window open. Still cranking on T1 znm's, it's gonna be great, you're gonna love it. We're working on more network optimizations as well. Few other things are in the works as well. If you want things faster, hang out in naschat and help folks with simple issues. That's pretty much it for now. Stay safe out there. Good luck. Play fair.

2020 Valentines Event!

G-G-G-greetings A-A-adventurers! We had a crazy week and before we knew it, Valentines day had come and gone! But fret not, we will carry on as though we had not forgotten at all. Everyone from lovers to lonely can unite in Vana'diel for our Valentines Celebration! To help us all you have to do is visit a festive moogle in Port Bastok, Windurst Walls, or Port San'dOria. There you will receive two pieces of chocolate. But one of them must be exchanged with someone elses chocolate to receive a matching pair. There are people throughout the starting cities waiting for those pair who can make them become one. Hand them over and they will give you back the chocolate melted back together. From there, bring the completed piece back to one of the festive moogles for your reward! For those wishing to step it up a notch... We need some chocolate delivered to Lower Jeuno, as well as Tavnazian Safehold. Now we're not saying to run out and get yourself killed... But if you do, we can assure you the reward will be worth your while!

Re: 2020 Super Bowl LIV!

Congratulations to the winners! Today's winners are as follows: Stevesyy, Bonehunter, Tenshu, Bigjoey, Dickencider, Smashley, Allowance, Eggsy, Fid, Mcturbo, Deft, Yokoto, Foodiecall, Coffeetime, Dragout, Tokineko, Gissoorryakarya, Projekte, Dutchessvandrln, Zorto, Bluemeanie, Whiteowl, Everclear, Reprecian, Asian, Rakusu, Tantrigador, Xenozero, Pan, Rohall, Skmace, Snoochybooch, Proudfather, Grammmit, Piggybang, Toffee, Broxigar, Jeauxzuf, Yert, Perek, Youth, Louiscool, Ascar, Davok, Littletailor, Warwick, Boss, Mills, Kairdarrow, Ext, Summit, Jubilation, Fhuri, Robespierre, Maseki, Hackandslash, Multra, Pallidamors, Roflcopter, Kuzenka, Crossx, Verity, Nicker, Mlady, Juliachan, Captainawesome, Herbs, Mur, Llednari, Sloan, Xiangjuanjuan, Annemarie, Enra, Dofa, Darvylle, Diabrando, Hamster, Syn, Oathkeeper, Carrot, Ayres, Siknoz, Tazz, Domonick, Shirokaze, Begbie, Xade, Evetz, Inverted, Fruitpunch, Sophus, Majour, Sparklesmewmew, Onebadlarry, Patafix, Kakaijima, Valliz, Despacito, Cinnamon, Stirka, Bigwigum, Mizu, Mickgod, Garamel, Notme, Chocamilk, Tashobe, Charm, Loreander, Cheezdihk, Lumatra, Roarshack, Nastrax, Neoflex, Nastile, Bawzinyajawz, Vraska, Riktar, Izac, Optical, Cryptdik, Ryger, Alaysia, Borkenpig, Zident, Mikasa, Orsono, Terrato, Drakoor, Darkchibi, Racerx, Elinore, Nyin, Furiouscartman, Dogum, Broomstick, Achillies, Rosettestempura, Jalo, Kaepora, Crocell, Mystico, Minimusdecimus, Xodiak, Rayleigh, Calents, Koless, Milaana, Haledaen, Kingbobby, Veltemp, Yukina, Zensaku, Dragonmeat, Hyhilee, Madmaxxi, Valdor, Loffi, Zorro, Nemesis, Danny, Mazerian, Umohbii, Stanki, Omegadoom, Gaebora, Table, Indelico, Shigirl, Ficant, Sansin, Tipz, Badsign, Hyokiki, Faxanadu, Lira, Lorelay, Rezhyk, Loto, Wezwa, Mrsmorlock, Smok, Meekiyah, Whoppi, Panddoor, Mandingo, Wutangwarrior, Heartfire, Kullee, Euryphaessa, Noot, Noblestranger, Powza, Ethoc, Yinmaya, Morlock, Wowza, Tabbii, Fawaz, Tedbrownhole, Evana, Hiso, Tharsten, Neverwhere, Luckecharmze, Loverboy, Deadk, Bulldog, Gimmecat, Bosso, Periwinkle, Monkinator, Kilonya, Lilithavenger, Eringobragh, Dentist, Shadowkiller, Kalifox, Lodbrok, Vexxedlupus, Goalem, Ziddi, Tatapo, Tavon, Ramiik

2020 Super Bowl LIV!

Betting is now open for the Superbowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs! No spread, win/lose, talk to Marshal or Afdeen in Upper Jeuno to make a wager. Your total bet will be a percentage of the total for that team. That is the percentage that you can win if your team wins of the other teams total bets, less 10% handling fee. Example 1: You bet 10,000 gil on 49ers. 49ers total bets total 500,000 gil. Chiefs total bets totals 800,000 gil. 49ers win. Your bet was 2% of the total, which means you are eligible for 2% of the Chief's total bets of 800,000 gil, 16,000 gil, less 10% handling fee, plus your original 10,000 gil bet, totaling 24,400 gil. Congratulations! Example 2: You bet 10,000 gil on 49ers. 49ers total bets total 500,000 gil. Chiefs total bets totals 800,000 gil. 49ers lose. You get nothing and are sad. There will be periodic announcements regarding how much gil has been bet on each side. All betting will close prior to the coin toss. Winnings will be eligible for pickup roughly one hour after the game is over, and will be eligible to be picked up until February 8th, 2020 at midnight EST. There will NOT be any exceptions. Good luck, and happy betting!

2019 Starlight Celebration!

Greetings, kupo! It is I, Magical Moogle, wishing you the happiest of holidays! We will be beginning our Starlight Celebration right now! Unfortunately the festive moogles have been so busy putting up decorations, they haven't had time to hand out their starlight cards. As a result, they would be very appreciative of you, the adventurer, passing the cards out for the festive moogles. You can find a festive moogle in Port Bastok, Windurst Walls, Port San'doria, and even Jueno! Best wishes!

2019-11-?? Launcher upgrade!

We’re rolling out a new launcher that will connect to different servers around the world! We have servers in NYC, Las Vegas, Luxembourg, and looking to add either Singapore, Hong Kong, or Tokyo. This new launcher will ping each of the servers and automatically select the server with lowest ping, allowing users worldwide to experience similar latencies regardless of where you are in the world. The new launcher can be found here: The launcher is under 5mb. This launcher is considered beta, not the final version. Improvements and new versions will be posted here. Post bugs that you find in naschat. Instructions: unzip and go!

2019-11-01 ZNM Roadmap

We wanted to take a few minutes to lay out the plans for the ZNM system we have planned. This information is subject to change between now and the final release. ZNM's will be released in tiers. There will be an NPC in whitegate selling pop items for 100k each. There will be 3 pop items depending on the path you want to take. Each T1 will have a high chance to drop a trophy item and a low chance to drop a pop item. You'll need 3 trophy items or 1 pop item to pop an associated T2 ZNM. The same will go for T2, T3, T4, and PW. When T4 trophy/pop items drop, a one time use KI will also be added to all members of the fight that will allow them to port to the island to fight the T4's. All drops will be removed from the server when their corresponding tier goes live. So when T1 ZNM's go live, all existing T1 loot will be removed. The T4 pop items will also be removed from ToAU Kings when T1 launches. We are working on balancing and tuning the mechanics so the fights will be retail accurate. Currently we're half way through T1 ZNM's, so please look forward to seeing them soon!

2019-10-31 Maintenance

In today's maintenance... BLU LB5 BLU Bug fixes Light spirit crash fixed PUP AF PUP Bug fixes Added Blazing Pepper to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie TOAU Kings can drop a T4 znm POP item T4 ZNM's have been added for a special sneak preview T1-T3 ZNM's are otwwwwwwwwww

2019 Harvest Festival!

Hello, gourd-geous! Howl are you? I know you're dying to have fun, so here it comes! We are pleased to announce the 2019 Har-har-harvest Festival! We've been creeping it real over here at the MFOC (Moogle Festival Organization Committee) and we have some super special spooky surprises in store! That'll give 'em pumpkin to talk about. Just visit your local Festive Moogle for your super scary costume, and get spooking! There's many prizes to be had, see if you can collect them all! Eat, drink, and be scary! -Magical Moogle Editors Note: Soon...™

2019-10-03 RMT Sweep

I'm sorry to say that 11 sellers and 68 buyers were removed today plus another 65 a few days ago. It's something that I hate doing. However this game, this server, is built on effort. You cannot buy your way to the top, or even out of the dunes. No shortcuts. Good luck, and play fair.

2019-09-26 Maintenance

Due to a mishap with the router doing some testing, it caused some issues which required a reboot. While that was happening I figured it would be a good time to complete the cutover for new servers. All game servers and associated sql servers as well as lobby/chat/search servers are now running on a 4 node dell c6220 with 8x e5-2660's and 256gb ram. Each node has dual 10gb links and dual 1gb links for backup to separate switches. All storage now sits on 24x 480gb enterprise grade SSD's in 4x 2.1tb volumes. Additionally, some network configurations have changed. All traffic is now flowing through a GRE tunnel to a vps protected by voxility anti-ddos services. Prior to this, only web traffic was protected through cloudflare, however people figured out how to circumvent this protection. A great deal of time an effort has been spent making these changes, a lot of changes that wouldn't need to be made had people just played by the rules. So once again, let me remind you. If you choose not to play by the rules, it wastes my time dealing with you, and you will forfeit the opportunity to play here. That being said, have fun, play fair, and be safe out there!

2019-08-28 Re-introducing Help Desk

Reluctantly, I'm bringing it back. The reason being is that it's getting more and more complicated to keep track of private messages. Hopefully it will not get flooded with russian spam bots like last time, and it will provide more ease for issue tracking and response. You can access it here: ... on=portals

2019-07-28 Happy 6th Birthday Nasomi!

On July 28th, 2019 the Nasomi officially turns 6 years old, and this of course means kicking off our Summer Festival! ***Bull Bash!*** Moogle BoB is at it again, he managed to let 3 additional bull's escape as well! They aren't particularly dangerous. However, they are impervious to all forms of damage. For that reason, we have fashioned special katana's on sale from the Festive Moogles. Pick up one of the katana's and wack away. You'll find the bull's in South Gustaberg, East Sarutabaruta, and East Ronfarure, but only during the daylight hours. Everyone know's bulls are afraid of the dark. We've made it so anyone can attack them, however ONLY the killer and his companions will get credit. Once the deed is done, visit the festive moogle for your rewards! ***Nasomi Census*** There have been 64,298 characters on the server. Of those characters... 20,549 are Hume. 11,221 are Elvaan. 15,231 are Tarutaru. 12,078 are Mithra. 5,219 are Galka. Not to mention... 38,232 are Male, or 61%. 26,066 are Female, or 38%. Plus... 42,219 have over 1 hour playtime 14,078 have over 100 hours playtime. 6,846 have over 500 hours playtime. 4,111 have over 1,000 hours playtime. 2,667 have over 1,500 hours playtime. 1006 have over 3,000 hours of playtime. Top 10 players by playtime: Viktoriya 997 Days, 17:14:0 Tatheria 944 Days, 15:1:51 Aeric 804 Days, 5:35:47 Csut 767 Days, 3:30:34 Feter 753 Days, 1:58:11 Debutis 751 Days, 5:12:24 Clayborn 710 Days, 3:44:58 Avesta 697 Days, 23:33:46 Consortium 690 Days, 13:39:50 Deft 680 Days, 4:15:22 Fractal 655 Days, 8:35:44 Congratulations! Now go outside. There are 27,192 characters from San d'Oria. There are 21,530 characters from Bastok. There are 15,577 characters from Windurst. In total there is 10,153,650,313 gil in circulation! There are a total of 7,538 active characters that have played in the past 30 days. There are 6,355 linkshells. The term "lol" is used on average of 2,093 times per day.