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Sync Range: 40
Vana'diel Time

Harassment and disruptive behavior are not allowed in Nasomi. These actions break the way the game is designed to be played and can result in disciplinary action. The following are examples of inappropriate behavior in Nasomi.

• Using language not acceptable in a public venue.
• Any language that condemns any race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender.
• Any language that is purposely meant to harm or harass a third party.
• Any group formed for the purpose of harassing a player or players.

Disruptive Behavior
• Any action that deliberately causes a monster to attack another player character, or MPK-related action.
• Holding a Notorious Monster without intent to kill or alter spawn time while other players are waiting.
• Notorious Monsters can be held a maximum of 4 hours to alter spawn times.
• Deliberately interrupting a conversation, chat session, or other action by spamming the log window or other such actions.
• Sending unwanted items to another player through the delivery box.
• Group actions that block access and impede other players' movements within the game.
• Any action that keeps another player from completing a quest or mission.
• Examining other players continuously to disrupt their gameplay.
• Actions that excessively deprive others of the ability to experience various gameplay features.
• Any other action that is determined by a GM to cause a disruption in gameplay.
• Inciting riots or causing general disarray to the player population.

In-Game Fraud
• Defined as any action to defraud another player with the intent to gain items or gil for personal profit.
• Character names that bear likeness or impersonate celebrities, government officials, or any real persons.

• The purchase or sale, or attempt to do so of any in game item, service, character, or account in exchange for real money(USD, EURO, etc), digital currency, virtual currency of any other server OR game, is strictly prohibited and WILL result in loss of all characters, accounts, currency, and items for all players involved.
• The economy is tracked very closely on Nasomi, all actions are logged, and all logs may be at any time to investigate potential fraud or RMT actions.

Account Sharing
• Account sharing is not permitted in any way. Your character is yours, and yours alone.
• Violating this rule will link your character with another IP that does not belong to you.
• If a character from that IP performs an action resulting in discipline, your characters will also be subject to the same punishment, up to and including loss of character/account.

Game Balance Issues
• Each person will be permitted a maximum of ONE forum account, which can contain up to 3 game accounts, each with ONE character on them. The 3rd account will be limited to level 10 and is restricted to towns only.
• Any use of a program that is not officially sanctioned by Nasomi is prohibited.
• Any use of scripts/bots or any form of player automation is prohibited.
• Controlling a player character through use of a program or machine not directly controlled by the player is prohibited.
• Controlling two characters at once through any means at all is prohibited.
• ANY use of third-party programs, regardless of benefit, not authorized by Nasomi, is prohibited.
• Multi-boxing HELM Functions from the same IP. One HELM per household.
• The use of more than three characters, of which the 3rd will be restricted to city/boat zones only.
• The only permitted launcher is the offical NasLauncher, or this specific version of ashita.
• The only permitted plugins are timestamp, tparty, distance, and recast.
• The only permitted 3rd party program is FFXISwitchMon.
• The use of, or disucssion of, or public debate of anything aside from these matters is prohibited, and may result in disciplinary action.

Real life vs. Game Life
• Keep personal matters private. This is a fantasy world, which requires a degree of immersion.
• Gender identification is prohibited. There is no need for anyone to know your gender in this world.
• The sharing or publishing of personal information, photo's, names/addresses, or life events is not permitted.

Other Improper Actions
• Trying to impersonate other players by using their handle names or other means of communication.
• Circumventing any intended game mechanics.
• Ignoring instructions from Game Masters.
• Impersonating a Game Master or an official representative of Square Enix.
• Any act that compromises the Nasomi service, or attempts to affect said service.
• Names found to be in poor taste will be changed at a GM's descression.

Zero Tollerance Policy
Players that choose not to follow the rules will receive a minimum penalty of loss of character. Greater exploits will result in a loss of characters linked by IP and/or banning of IP. The reason for this is the time wasted on players who choose not to follow the rules has a direct impact on further development, bug fixes, and QoL enhancements. Players that choose to play fairly should not be subject to delays of these features because players players cannot or will not play fairly.

Additionally, GMs may give directives to players during periods of technical difficulties with the game. This is to prevent any harmful side effects to players and should be followed immediately. I am not responsible for any negative effects on account of players who ignore such directives. This includes any directives given during normal maintenance service. If you witness one of the above listed problems please notify me.