NA/JPLobby is: Up
Sync Range: 40
Vana'diel Time


Welcome to Nasomi!

Nasomi is a free to play, non-official FFXI server based around the 2005 era of the game. We provide an old school style of play in the world of Vana'diel for players who want to re-live the nostalgia of 2005.

Server Info

Nasomi went live on July 28th, 2013. Since then it has progressively gained popularity among those who wish to play the game during it's peak era.

Nasomi is hosted on a multi-node cluster with 6 virutal environments, each containing ~50 individual zone servers. That means that every zone in the game has it's own server, which provides load balancing and stability. All player information is snapshotted every 30 minutes and backed up, with a rolling 6 months of back-up's.

You can view in real time the status of all servers here. All these servers combine make up the "world" of Nasomi.


You can find our step by step installation guide here. Additionally, if you experience issues, you can join our live chat here.

Server rules

The rules are fairly simple. No cheating, exploits, hacks, 3rd party programs, or add-on's not specificially approved by Nasomi. There are numerous anti-cheat measures in place, not to to mention regular monitoring and extensive logs. A more compreshensive list of rules can be found here, please take time to review them.